Mined diamonds sell at artificially inflated prices. Supply is throttled by diamond cartels, to ensure you pay much more than what is determined by normal demand-supply dynamics.

In 1948, a marketing campaign with the iconic tagline ‘A Diamond is Forever’ was deployed to boost the sales of diamonds which had fallen during the Great Depression. Unlike other precious metals, diamonds depreciate the moment they are sold - the market for them is neither liquid, nor fungible.

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Mining involves blasting a large area, stripping it of its vegetation and trees, and leaving the land severely degraded and devastated. On average, 250 tons of ore are dug up, processed, and carved for a few diamonds considered good enough to wear. This is incredibly damaging to our ecosystem.

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A vast majority of mined diamonds used in the jewellery industry, are blood diamonds. Mining activities are often carried out by low-paid, school-age miners who are subject to atrocious exploitation, physical risks, and inhumane treatment.

“Children do excavation work because they are small enough to be lowered into small, narrow pits …” - NBC News

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