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A technology breakthrough which uses state-of-art machinery to coat diamond stimulants with a coating of real diamond molecules. The resultant product is indistinguishable to both naked eye and diamond testing machines. It has cut, clarity, color, hardness and scratch/dirt resistance of a real diamond.  More importantly it has all characteritics of a real diamond at fraction of environmental and monetary cost. 

The process involves coating the finest diamond stimulants with a film of diamond molecules using a process called Chemical Vapor Deposition. The coating quenches excess fire of diamond stimulant, while improving its refractive index, thus making it like mined diamond. In technical terms, because of the high percentage of diamond bonds in the coating, the finished shows a positive diamond signature in Raman spectra. 


Mined diamond:  Poor/Fair to Signature | Diamondize: Signature


Mined diamond: SI2 to Flawless | Diamondize: Flawless


Mined diamond: Z to D | Diamondize: F to D


1.33 Carat of mined diamond = 1 Carat of Diamondize     


Try scratching a Diamondize diamond plated crystal with a sharp blade or knife. The diamond is one of the toughest materials on Earth and because Diamondize diamond plated crystals are coated with a layer of diamond molecules, it is impossible to scratch them.


Due to the tough diamond coating, it is not humanly possible to crack a Diamondize diamond plated crystal with a hammer.


Finally, the ultimate test. Have a professional jeweller test a Diamondize diamond plated crystal with a diamond tester.

We strictly do not accept any misrepresentation of our products being real diamonds in the conventional sense. We proudly do not deal in real mined diamonds and responsibility of any misrepresentation lies entirely on the misrepresenter.

We offer customisation service to our members. You may become a member by creating a lifetime free account and completing three purchases with us.

Once a member, you may simply email us an image or sketch of a design you like and we’ll respond to you in less than 48 hours with the approximate cost and delivery timeline. Our expert craftsmen can design jewelry of any complexity and stud them with diamondize diamonds. 

Yes. Your Diamondize purchase comes with a lifetime warranty against chipping, scratches, discolouration and fading in brightness.

Additionally, the make of your Diamondize jewellery comes with a 1-year warranty that starts from the date of purchase.

All of our products are BIS hallmarked and come with appropriate certificates.

While we do not see the possibility that you will be unhappy with the quality of our products; if you are, you may courier the item back to us to next day with a picture of the airway bill for our tracking. Upon receiving the item, you will be refunded in full.

You may return the product within 7 days of receiving it and purchase another product of equal value or get refunded on the balance amount.

Send us a picture of the courier airway bill and you will immediately be able to purchase another product from our website at the balance cost.

A substantial amount of our earnings goes to supporting education via Aswar Education Trust. Awsar shares report cards of supported children. Kindly mention ‘donation details’ in your order notes during checkout, and we will start sharing report card of child/children your purchase has supported.

Absolutely! Just get in touch with us on sustainability@diamondizejewellery.com

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