At last, a diamond that you’ll love to flaunt worry-free - a hybrid diamond. 

We hear you. You want all the fashion, all the shine, but none of the nasties & fuss. You want to look and feel good. That is why our hybrid diamond is fashionably perfect, for you.

The New Age of Brilliance

Using state-of-art nanotech, we coat the brightest of diamond alternatives with a layer of diamond molecules. This coating allows us to create diamond-plated crystals that look and act like mined diamonds but without the worry. 

It's like a chocolate covered almond except the chocolate is the diamond and the almond is the finest of crystals. 

Made to last

Like the real stuff, our hybrid diamonds are immune to scratching, chipping, discoloring and fading, for eternity. You get diamond-plated crystals that resemble mined diamonds. Bet, you can’t tell the difference.

The Earth's Best Friend

At Diamondize, we limit our creation process to just the top layering of a diamond coating bringing you the most sustainable and guilt free option. This diamond-plated jewellery is the friendlier choice that protects human rights as well as Mother Earth. 

Inspired by You

Each piece is an inspired creation, handmade by our highly-skilled artisans. We believe in the human behind the customer. We believe in our product, our philosophy, and our movement and we wish to share this experience with each and every one of you. 

Our collections are designed after brilliant women that changed the course of history. Each piece speaks straight to your inner brilliance and your profound sense of ethic. And when you set your eyes on one, you know it’s yours. No time to waste.


Wear your passion. Wear your personality. Wear whatever you want. We provide bespoke customisation beyond our collection. 

Six Generations of Jewellery Experts

We’ve sunk our teeth deep into the jewellery business for six generations now.  Combining the traditional skills of artisans and advanced plating technology, allows us the best make with the lowest impact. 

At Diamondize, we are more than jewellery makers, we are the movement towards conscious fashion; one that grows when more people like you join us.

Hybrid diamonds are crystals coated in diamonds using nanotech. Simply put it's like a chocolate covered almond except the chocolate is diamonds and the almond is the finest of crystals. Not mined or lab-grown, it is a friendlier choice that protects human rights.

We proudly support Unicef, Project Greenhands and SRLC Women Care – for every purchase you make, part of the profits goes to one of these amazing organisations, because we love women, children and the environment.